Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New Ilford products on the way

I read through the 2013 January edition of the Photocomment booklet and stumbled upon some interesting news concerning new disposable film cameras.

Ilford, the black and white film faithful company, will be announcing two new products to their lines in the form of two new disposable, black and white cameras. The one contains Ilford XP2, the film that can be developed by a lab that does normal color film (C41) processing. The other camera has the glorious HP5 which needs to be hand processed. No word on availability in South Africa as of going to print but there are some stores that might bring them in for you.

You can check out the first two films that I posted on the Shootcase blog. The first was shot in the Ilford XP2 film and the other in the Ilford HP5 film. I preferred the Ilford HP5 film, both great black and white films. When shooting black and white in film, Ilford is definitely your first choice. Get your hands on these two new products and test them out.

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