Friday, 9 November 2012

Playful with color filters

With tis film I experimented with some new color filters including blue, yellow and green. And it turns out that I happen to love the effect it has my photos :) It took me quite a while to finish this film which makes it interesting because there are so many places I documented and forgot about it. I love to revisit my journey and with film it is even more nostalgic and memorable.

Totally in love with the color overlay in these two photographs.  I used a blue filter for the top photograph. I found that when shooting with a filter, the color of the filter coms out stronger in low light than in bright sunlight.

These two photographs was taken at Oppikoppi Sweet Thing 2012. Both a summary of this music festival. I love the light reflected from the bottles. 

Taken at Park Acoustics at Fort Scanskop in Pretoria, South Africa. Every month people with the love for music and feeling like chillin' it out attend this show where you sit under the trees, drink wine and listen to local acoustic bands.

I love the striking white light coming in from the side and the beautiful blue color overlay. This photo was taken in a dark room with a bed lamp from the side. I used a blue filter and a very low shutter taken without a tripod. For this reason the photograph is a bit shaky. 

This imaged caught my eye due to the interesting patterns created by the sunlight and the window in the foreground. I used a yellow filter taking this photograph.

These two photographs is taken in an old broken house a few blocks away from my house. We sneaked n and found that it is currently the home of a few beggars. It once was a beautiful old house with high patterned ceilings and wooden floors and big windows but the story it left behind is even prettier. The beauty in the broken.

These four photos was taken at a dam wall. The person in these photographs is one of my friends  Pierre Joubert who is now also inspired and convinced to shoot in film :)