Monday, 3 September 2012

A journey long overdue

The reason for this post being long overdue is that the film have been standing on my desk for almost  moth before I developed it and before that I took about two month just to fill the film. When shooting in film you plan every frame every carefully because once you took the photo the moment is documented. I like this about film because one doesn't go about shooting in all directions and in the end deleting almost half of all the photos you took. Every frame is special and even when it was a technically unsuccessful photograph, film just has that quality to make it look nostalgic and artsy. 

This photo is one of my favourites. I like the strong steel line leading the eye in the whimsical seascape in the background. I love the bit of purple tint in the photograph.

My friends, Iske Conradie and Sannika Jansen van Vuuren, chased the seaguls across the beach in seapoint.

These four photographs was taken in the Durbanville Hills Wine Estate. Once again Iske Conradie and Sannika Jansen van Vuuren as my accountable models. It was winter time in Cape Town. For this reason the wine lands is beautiful orange and red color, contrasting with the intense green in between the wine yards.

I stumbled upon this beautiful graffiti artwork in Cape Town City. The photos came out a bit grain, I think because is was too late the afternoon and it was a bit too dark. I like the warm orange color, emphasizing the feel of rust and decay. The lonely chair standing in front of the wall conveys a eerie and lonely feel.


This photo was taken in the Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town. I like the open space of blue sky balancing with the tree and black birds sitting in it almost like decorations.

I love the way the sun outlines the figure on the lefthand side  and the orange lens flair.

This is also one of my favorite photographs. The interesting angle and the perfect blue sky creates a feel of carelessly lying on the grass.

These photographs is taken in the industrial area in Potchefstroom. I like shooting in areas like these where there is lost of rust, decay and warm textures. These buildings communicate a lonesome feel, a place without words but you can feel it breathing.

The fence leads the eye into the photograph and creates an interesting geometrical pattern.

Oppikoppi in Northam. Definitely a festival to attend if you love music.