Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ilford HP5 ISO200

 What I love about film is that when you develop the film strip, it tells a story about the journey your camera travelled with you. That one moment you captured using a new lens or filter, anxiously waiting to see how it turns out and the 'ah-I-remember-that-shot' moment, is one of the reasons I love film. There is space for accidental shots, blurs, light-leaks and total miss-happs. It's just these things that makes film so interesting, fun and free. It is that blurred moment, captured, and it is beautiful!

It is hard getting up before sunrise but definitely worth getting great shots. This photo was taken at Potchefstroom Dam, South Africa while breathing in the fresh morning scent and listening to the rumbling of water. Nostalgic just like film.

In these two photos I tried the star burst filter shooting the starry lights in the night. 

These photos taken at the Potchefstroom Train Rail with one of my good friends, Iske Conradie. I believe you get the best shots when lying, crouching and twisting into the weirdest angles.

 The patterns on the staircase in this photo immediately captured my attention. Patterns make great black and white photos.

Kalk Bay, Cape Town is the destination for the next few photos. Our Graphic Design class went to the annual Toffie Pop Conference at the Cape Town City Hall. What an inspiring experience! Creativity was rubbing off on you everywhere. Just love the graininess in these photos caused by the bright sunlight, for I took them right in the middle of the day. 

The Metro Train Rail in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. Again the repeating pattern of half circles made a great photo for black and white.

The dog in this picture posed for about 15minute like it was his day time job. Wanted to take him with me so badly, he looked so lonely lying there. 

 The merry-go-round pictures are taken at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. We wanted to relive our childhood memories, but unfortunately it was closed already but they were kind enough to let us in for a few photos.

The next few pictures is taken at Ducan Yard, Pretoria, South Africa. A tiny square with the greatest design and antique stores within old buildings. It's surroundings transfers you from out of the busy city into a nostalgic town, I imagine would be in France.

Rusty, broken objects usually make great black and white or even sepia filter photos, creating that old, nostalgic feeling.

My sister, Marelize, always a beautiful model for my photos.

Hope you enjoyed reliving the past few weeks of my journey throughout South Africa! Every moment is worth capturing into a memory on film forever.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

This is why I love film photography #2

The second video in the series on 'This is why I love film photography.' Video done by @swtheron4

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Shootcase Pinhole Photo Booth #1

On 18 April 2012 I, Shootcase, had a pinhole photo booth event on the NWU Potchefstroom Campus, South africa. We had loads of fun! The students were very interactive and curious. We approached the the students, asking them if they want to take a photo with a matchbox camera. They reacted with astonishment and were keen to take a photo with this interesting looking camera. I got the chance to explain how a pinhole camera works and in the process sir up a curiosity for film photography. We got such great response that Shootcase will be hosting a pinhole photo booth again soon! 

The Shootcase Photobooth

The Shootcase photo booth on NWU Campus of Potchefstroom, South Africa

Shootcase working her magic ;)

The flyers I hand out during the event

Some of the students who posed for the pinhole camera

Some of the students who posed for the pinhole camera

Some of the students who posed for the pinhole camera

Some of the comment people wrote with chalk on the photo booth about photography

Shootcase explaining to the students who the pinhole works

Curious students passing by

Shootcase and her pinhole camera

Keep watching for the next event on the pinhole photo booth and come join us!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Sunday, 15 April 2012

DIY Matchbox Pinhole Camera

Step 1

What you will need: A matchbox, two new rolls of 35mm film, a pair of scissors, a scalpel, an empty drinks can, a black marker pen, black tape, a pin, a ruler and clear tape.

Step 2

Draw a cross onto the outside box of the matchbox to determine the center point.

Cut a 10 mm x 20 mm frame from the outer box.0

Step 3

Draw and cut a 35mm x 24 mm frame from the inner box..

Step 4

Cut a 30mm x 50mm frame from the drinks can and pierce a small hole into the middle.

Stick the piece of tin on top of the frame cut through the outer box of the matchbox with the hole pierced through the tin right in the center of the box. Keep the hole closed by covering it with black tape to prevent light from streaming in and overexposing your photo.

Step 5

Color the inside of the inner box with the black marker so that light will not reflect from the box onto your film. Place the inner box into the outer box with the frame cut from the inner box on the opposite side from where the hole in the tin can is.

Step 6

Pull out a one frame of the film roll and place it within the matchbox (in between the inner and outer boxes). be sure the light sensitive part of the film is facing forward.

Step 7

Pull out the film of the second film roll. But be careful not to pull out all of the film and cut it off. Leave at least three frames inside the canister.

Step 8

Stick the two films together using the clear tape. The second film canister facing downwards. Turn the second film canister in a clockwise direction to roll the film from the first (full) canister to the second (empty) canister.

Step 9

Firmly stick both film canisters to the matchbox using the black tape.

Shoot away!