Monday, 4 June 2012

31 Photos in 31 Days: Day #9 & #10

Day 9's photo is once again taken in my room. In this photograph I experimented with freelensing and the fish eye lens. The dark circular form on the righthand side is due to the side of the fisheye in front of the shutter. The photo has a greenish look, but I didn't use a filter at all. I assume it is a greenish color that reflected from some object inside my room.  

The photograph of day 10 is taken in a field next to the Mooi Rivier in Potchefstroom. I also used the fish eye lens in this picture. I usually kneel and crouch into different, weird positions to take the picture from out of an interesting perspective. On this specific day we have a visitor, peeping from behind I tree. It was so weird. Moral of the story: Never go on photographic adventures alone, the journey is meant to be shared.

I love the small appature, focusing only on a very small part of the dandelion. 

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