Friday, 15 June 2012

31 Photos in 31 Days: Day #21

The photograph of day 21 is taken on the NWU Potchefstroom campus, South Africa. The two girls in the photograph is my friends Alexa Swart and Iske Conradie. It was autumn in South Africa at that time and the whole campus was buried under warm colored leaves. They are two free-spitited girls and playing in the heaps of leaves captured a way of seeing life from out of their point of view. 

The photograph did come out a bit too dark, although my shutter was set to a forth of a second and my appature set all the way up to 16. Maybe it was just a bit too dark in die shadows of the trees. What I love about this photo is that Iske's hand, the girl on the righthand side, forms a kind of dove-like form, the only bright white spot in the photograph. I also love the movement of their hands. 

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